Millennials Making It Work: Amanda and Eric

Millennials are famously putting off marriage. Indeed, a recent Pew Research report suggests that a record number — 25% — of Gen Y will remain single into their forties and fifties, or put off tying the knot altogether. But, as I’m forever obsessed with millennials bucking well-known trends, I sought out one of the few young, married couples I … More Millennials Making It Work: Amanda and Eric

Millennials Making It Work: Becca L.

In 2008, graduating from a competitive high school in the town which Amy Adams’ character in The Fighter mocks as “richie-rich Lexington,” Becca found herself bombarded with messages about a specific image of success: A degree from a traditional four-year college, preferably Harvard or Yale. Instead, Becca took a non-traditional route. Today, at age 24, she’s working towards her Bachelor of Liberal … More Millennials Making It Work: Becca L.

Stop worrying, already!

In July 2013, Matt Bors drew this cartoon, titled “Can We Stop Worrying About Millennials Yet?” In his work — in addition to overturning the claims we’ve all heard about millennials’ laziness, narcissism, and determination to leech off Generation X — Bors writes, “Millennials aren’t marrying, buying houses, and having kids later than previous generations because they’re … More Stop worrying, already!