Millennials Making It Work: Becca L.

In 2008, graduating from a competitive high school in the town which Amy Adams’ character in The Fighter mocks as “richie-rich Lexington,” Becca found herself bombarded with messages about a specific image of success: A degree from a traditional four-year college, preferably Harvard or Yale. Instead, Becca took a non-traditional route. Today, at age 24, she’s working towards her Bachelor of Liberal … More Millennials Making It Work: Becca L.

Learning to share

Unlike their parents, Gen Y-ers don’t feel the need to invest their money in cars, despite the efforts of companies like Ford to market specifically to millennials. Why not? Derek Thompson and Jordan Weissmann of The Atlantic Monthly argue that the popularity of smartphones has paved the way for changes in the transportation economy. Companies like Zipcar allow Gen … More Learning to share

Stop worrying, already!

In July 2013, Matt Bors drew this cartoon, titled “Can We Stop Worrying About Millennials Yet?” In his work — in addition to overturning the claims we’ve all heard about millennials’ laziness, narcissism, and determination to leech off Generation X — Bors writes, “Millennials aren’t marrying, buying houses, and having kids later than previous generations because they’re … More Stop worrying, already!