2019 Novel-Writing Challenge, Week 10

Finished my first full week of writing after returning from hiatus! There was one day when I wasn’t able to sit down and get in my 555 words, but I made up for it the following day by writing double the usual amount.

Maybe in part because I had to take a hiatus, I feel like I can’t afford to dilly-dally, so I’m pretty serious about making sure I use my established outline to move the plot forward and bring the story towards a resolution. As a result, my writing has been less lyrical, my settings less thoroughly researched, this time around.

But that’s not a bad thing. I always do better when I can return to a shitty first draft, rather than an entirely blank page, and shape it into something I actually like. I figure that once I finish banging all this out, I’ll go back and clean up and flesh out portions as necessary.

And if my calculations are correct and I remain disciplined about accounting for 555 words a day, I should finish this thing in a couple of weeks!

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