Launch Academy, Weeks Seven and Eight

The past two weeks have gone by at a dizzying pace! Since returning from break, I’ve completed two projects and deployed them to Heroku:

  1. My home fries review app (which you can interact with here)
  2. A street art review site I worked on with a terrific team of fellow Launchers (found here)

At this point, we have two weeks left, and next week, we’ll start working on our Breakable Toys. What are Breakable Toys, you ask? None other than our capstone projects, which we’ll be presenting to hiring partners on Career Day in early February.

I’m nervous and excited to see my own idea come to fruition. Immediately upon college graduation, I directed communications for my dad’s MA State Senate campaign. The experience was challenging, rewarding and fun — not to mention one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.

One trend we became aware of on the campaign trail was the lack of Millennial engagement in local elections, town meetings, and the like. Despite this, we were fortunate to have an energetic, dedicated team of high school and college-aged interns and volunteers. Thanks to their help, we achieved victory in September 2012. Along the way, Dad took care to impress upon all of us that if we fight for what we believe in at the local level — whether it means pushing for changes in global warming policy, women’s rights, gun control, etc. — we can contribute to larger-scale change.

To provide one example of many: Passionate local advocates for same-sex marriage fought for revolutionary legislation to pass, and in 2004, Massachusetts, rising to the occasion, set the stage for the rest of the nation to follow.

With this in mind, I’ll be creating an app to encourage users to find local volunteer opportunities to make a bigger difference.

Stay tuned!

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