White House reports millennials are shaking things up

While there are substantial challenges to meet, no generation has been better equipped to overcome them than Millennials. They are skilled with technology, determined, diverse, and more educated than any previous generation.

– White House Council of Economic Advisers, “15 Economic Facts About Millennials,” October 2014

Highly recommended reading. In addition to being readable and helpfully visual, the White House report illustrates not only how the economy impacts millennials’ careers and life choices, but also how Gen Y — which now comprises a third of the work force — has transformed the American economy.

The report details an intriguing relationship between millennials’ enthusiasm for technology, especially as it facilitates the creation of digital content like books or music, and their quests for creative, mover-and-shaker careers.

One surprising finding, presenting a contrast to a recent Atlantic article about Gen Y’s tendency to job-hop, shows millennials hold more loyalty to their early employers than did Gen X-ers at ages 18-30. Compared to Gen X at our age, apparently, we’re more likely to stick around if you give us a gig.

The report also touches on the importance of supporting millennials via college access, student loan help, and career preparation.

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